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The Best Foods to Balance Your Hormones

Instagram-image-option-for-Dr-KhromWhether you’re going through menopause or dealing with post-pregnancy hormones, dealing with out-of-whack hormones can be incredibly frustrating.  That’s why many men and women are focused on the best ways to balance hormones, whether through medication or natural supplements.

However, did you know that one of the best ways to balance your hormones is through your dinner plate?

That’s right: the food you eat can have a big impact on your hormonal balance.  If you’re interested in putting your hormones in check – not to mention enjoying smooth, glowing skin and increased concentration – here are the foods you should start adding to your dinner plate:

  • Clean Protein: It’s no secret that the grocery store is stocked with meat, poultry, and fish that’s rife with hormones and antibiotics. If you’re not eating organic and hormone-free proteins, you’re actually ingesting the same hormones that the animals are consuming. If you want to balance your hormones, commit to buying the cleanest protein possible!
  • Healthy Fats: That’s right – fats are good for you! Avocadoes, coconut oil, olive oil, fish, and nuts and seeds are all filled with healthy fats that balance your hormones.  As an extra benefit, these healthy fats can improve your mood, thicken your hair, and make your skin look like it’s glowing!
  • Vegetables: Veggies are filled with good-for-you fiber that can help balance and regulate your hormones.  If you want to up the ante on your diet, opt to fill your plate with brightly-colored veggies.  Go for diversity, too – if there’s too much green on your plate, add sliced carrots and butternut squash for diversity.

Of course, one of the best ways to balance your hormones is by incorporating a bioidentical hormone regimen into your diet.  At the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas, Dr. Nhi Le tailors naturally-derived bioidentical hormones to your specific needs.  After a hormone test, Dr. Le will determine the precise level of hormones you need to function at your best.

Interested in learning more about bioidentical hormones?  Schedule your consultation with Dr. Le at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas today! Call (361) 576-9100 for more information.

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