The Biggest Cause of Muscle Loss in Men

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The Biggest Cause of Muscle Loss in Men


Hormone theory for low testosterone levels

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They say with age comes wisdom – but they didn’t mention anything about losing muscle mass.  You worked hard to develop your lean muscle, and you’re not about to lose your definition just because you’ve celebrated a few birthdays.

Unfortunately, men tend to experience muscle loss as they age.  This condition is known as andropause muscle loss, which is the muscle loss that’s caused by a combination of aging and hormonal imbalance.  While most men tend to experience this condition in their 50s and 60s, some men as young as 20 have encountered andropause muscle loss.

During andropause – where testosterone levels start to dip – muscle fibers are converted into fat, which further exacerbates the loss of muscle definition, low energy levels, and a general feeling of lethargy.  Testosterone is essential for not only producing defined muscles, but for a man’s sex drive and energy levels.  This is why men who are going through andropause often feel lethargic and depressed, as their essential testosterone levels are beginning to flag.

While a high-protein diet and strengthening exercises can help men fight against some of the common symptoms of andropause, it’s often not enough.  In order to promote increased levels of testosterone production – as well as address issues related to muscle mass and strength – schedule a consultation with Dr. Nhi Le at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas.

As an anti-aging expert, Dr. Nhi Le can administer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to increase muscle mass, energy levels, and sexual appetite.  Bioidentical hormones are naturally derived from plants; however, they are identical to the hormones within our bodies.  Bioidentical hormones can replace flagging testosterone levels, thus helping to counteract the symptoms associated with andropause.

In addition to administering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Nhi Le can design a customized diet and exercise plan so your body can begin rebuilding muscle.  Dr. Le will also monitor your therapy through weekly sessions to ensure that you’re experiencing the best benefits from your regimen.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can play a key role in helping you regain your muscle definition, as well as enjoy higher energy levels and a healthy sex drive.  To learn more about bioidentical testosterone therapy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Le at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas today. Simply fill out the form in the top right corner or call (361)576-9100.

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