The correct Sunscreen can save your skin from sun damages and skin cancer

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The correct Sunscreen can save your skin from sun damages and skin cancer

Lustrous and glowing skin is one of the most prominent factors of beauty. Before complexion what comes first is the quality of your skin. Many of us try really hard to get that healthy skin but many factors like dust, pollution and sun damage are the biggest hurdles. Pollution and dust can be removed from skin by washing your face but sun damage is even worse for you. There are so many skin issues that may occur due to sun exposure.

You may probably notice sun burns and tanning because of sun burns but you will be amazed to know about skin cancer. Yes! You read it right. According to some studies, sun exposure or UV rays are the prime factors to skin cancer. Ultra Violet rays damage the DNA of skin cells which may further lead to skin cancer. Preventing skin cells damage is easier with all-round Sunscreen protection.

How will sunscreen help you to eliminate sun damages!

It takes down the risk of skin cancer. Moreover, sunscreen acts as a shield against harmful UV rays that are really disastrous for skin health. It also reduces blotchiness on face and enhances skin health. Most of all, regular use of sunscreen prevents premature aging of skin and save you against sunburns. Apparently, there would not be any tanning if you use proper sunscreen lotion as per your skin.

Choose the right SPF (Sun Protect Factor) for better results!

We have heard many times that people complain about the experience of sticky and darker skin after sunscreen application. It means that they have not opted for the right product according to their skin type. You will find variants in sunscreen SPF. It ranges from SPF 15 to SPF 50 and they have to be used according to the skin type and exposure time to sun.

For regular or everyday use SPF 15 is recommended by the experts. If you visit outside more frequently and for longer hours, then, you can go for SPF 30 sunscreen. SPF 50 or more is suggested for sensitive skin and sun exposure on high altitudes. Now, if you have understood your requirement then, choose the right SPF for sunscreen and get better results. Most importantly, always remember that whatever brand you use always ensure the expiry date because, any product beyond the expiry date is not worth application.

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