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Visit Our CardioHealth® Station at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

CardioHealth testingFebruary is often thought of as the month where hearts and flowers are in bloom, thanks to the presence of Cupid.  February is American Heart Health month, which is designed to help more Americans become aware of how diet, exercise, and even lifestyle can contribute to heart diseases and increase risks for heart attacks.

At Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas, Dr. Nhi Le and her staff members are dedicated to providing clients with access to information and services that can help them lead healthier lives.  It’s Dr. Le’s hope that by doing this, her clients and their family members can make the right choices that cut down on their heart attack risks, as well as other serious and even fatal heart diseases.

One of the most innovations that Dr. Le offers at her Victoria, TX medical spa is the CardioHealth® Station, a unique technology that makes it possible for Dr. Le to measure and assess a client’s heart for its potential risk for heart attacks, disease, and other dangerous maladies.  While many factors including blood pressure and cholesterol can provide us with a vague idea of how healthy our hearts are, these factors alone are often not enough to provide clients with the vital life-saving information they need.  The CardioHealth® Station, on the other hand, approaches heart assessments from a more comprehensive standpoint by utilizing ultrasound imaging technologies.  These images can give physicians like Dr. Le the information they need to come up with the most personalized and effective preventative medicine treatment for those clients with significant risks.

The CardioHealth® Station is ideal for measuring the following factors:

  1. If a client has significant hidden plague within the carotid arteries.  A presence of plaque increases the likelihood that a client could experience a heart attack; therefore, Dr. Le can use this image to recommend a preventative course of action.
  2. If a client has a thick carotid wall.  This is usually indicative of heart abnormalities and diseases, which can give Dr. Le the information she needs to make effective and healthy recommendations.

To discover how healthy your heart truly is with the CardioHealth® Station, visit Dr. Nhi Le and her staff at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX. We serve the entire Texas Gulf Coast, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Sugarland, El Campo & Port Lavaca.

To schedule your cardio health consultation simply  fill out the form in the top right corner or call 361-576-9100.

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