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What is the Vampire Breast Lift?

Blog-Image-Halloween may be over, but at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas, we’re still thinking about vampires.

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, the entire world was talking about the Vampire Facelift – a procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to reinvigorate collagen production and revitalize skin.  Now a new Vampire treatment is taking the world by storm…

But this time, it’s designed to amp up your cleavage.

The Vampire Breast Lift

Vampire Facelift inventor Charles Runels is now using the same PRP technique to help lift the breasts, creating ample cleavage with smooth, even skin tone.  The process is similar to the original Vampire Facelift: during the procedure, blood is drawn and spun through a special device that’s designed to remove the PRP.

However, the similarities end there. After the PRP is removed, it’s re-injected back into the breasts.  The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes, with noticeable results in just a couple of days.  Results from the Vampire Breast Lift include:

  • Lifted breasts
  • Improved cleavage
  • A rounder shape

While clients shouldn’t expect the same results as what’s achieved with breast augmentation, Runels has pointed out that it’s an ideal treatment for patients who want to look like they’re wearing a push-up bra – even when they’re not wearing any support.

The Vampire Breast Lift is also a great option for patients who want to minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks, or rippling from weight gain, breastfeeding, or even breast augmentation.

What You Need to Know

Because the Vampire Breast Lift is a non-invasive procedure, clients won’t need to go through any significant downtime or recovery.  Full results take about two months; many women are able to enjoy these benefits for over a year.  For some patients, results can be permanent.

The Vampire Breast Lift at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

If you’re ready to achieve noticeably lifted breasts without undergoing the knife, schedule a consultation at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas. Founder Dr. Nhi Le is the only medical professional to have been certified by Runels to perform the Vampire Breast Lift. Call (361) 576-9100 to learn more.

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