Xeomin vs. Botox: What You Need to Know

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Xeomin vs. Botox: What You Need to Know

Blog-Image-Botox has some serious competition.

While this anti-aging treatment has long been the preferred choice for minimizing the appearance of forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, Xeomin presents a new option for individuals who are looking for the latest anti-wrinkle treatment on the market.

But what exactly is Xeomin – and how is it different from Botox?

Xeomin: A New Alternative to Botox

 At first glance, there’s not a big difference between Xeomin and Botox.  Both anti-aging injections contain botulinum toxin as a main ingredient, which effectively paralyzes muscles at the injection site to relax the skin.  As a result, wrinkles appear smoother and lighter, leading to a younger-looking appearance.  Both Xeomin and Botox produce results that last between three to six months.

However, the similarities end there.  Unlike Botox, Xeomin doesn’t have to be refrigerated, making this a much more convenient treatment option.  Xeomin also has a smaller protein load than Botox, which has a significant benefit: it produces anti-aging results faster.

In other words, if you have a last-minute event you want to look refreshed for, Xeomin injections can make you look younger sooner.

Xeomin is also an ideal treatment for those individuals who are allergic to Botox.  In addition to botulinum toxin, Botox uses several additional proteins that can produce an allergic reaction in some people.  Xeomin removes these proteins, meaning those people allergic to Botox can still enjoy smoother and younger-looking skin.

The FDA has recently approved Xeomin for the treatment of wrinkles, especially forehead lines and vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Is Xeomin Right for Me?

It’s worth noting that studies are still being conducted to compare the differences between Xeomin and Botox.  Xeomin is a great alternative for clients who have a Botox allergy; however, many clients choose one treatment over the other due to financial reasons or how quickly they can see results.

If you’re wondering if Xeomin anti-aging treatments are right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Nhi Le at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas.  Dr. Le can help you choose the right anti-wrinkle treatment, as well as help you achieve your desired results. Call (361) 576-9100 to learn more.

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