Y-Lift: Effective and Convenient Method of Face Lift and Sculpting

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Y-Lift: Effective and Convenient Method of Face Lift and Sculpting

Y-lift is a minimally invasive and non-surgical method of face lifting. It has negligible or no downtime and very effective, long-lasting and instant procedure. The best thing about this Y-lift procedure is that it defines each feature on the face perfectly and flawlessly. Besides, the most important thing is to hire a correct service. Dr. Nhi le is one of the most promising professionals in Victoria’s Texas for y-lift procedure. The basic principle of Y lift procedure is to provide Y shaped facial contours including jawline and cheek bones. To get the most out of the treatment Dr. Nhi Le is the most trusted dermatologist that ensures to give you the perfect face contouring with minimal invasion and no downtime.

Y Lift in Victoria Texas 2022

Benefits you can reap with Dr. Nhi Le’s professional Y lift procedure:

The revived undereye area is must for appealing and attractive eyes. Your undereye area can make your face look younger than ever. You can get a younger looking appearance with heightened cheekbones, improved hollowness, well defined jawline, smoother contours, enhanced symmetrical face, and lift of the upper neck. Many of us want to avail facelift but very few are aware about Y lift procedure. Now, when you know it you can book an appointment with Dr. Nhi Le. At this dermatology clinic in Texas the dermatology and aesthetics team will review your skin type and medical history.

Procedure followed during Y Lift:

Before the Y Lift you will be given anaesthesia to the treatment area of your face. This ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable in any way during the procedure. Then a blunt titanium instrument is inserted under your skin and facial muscle and then these both are lifted. To sculpt the treatment area Dr. Nhi Le uses her hands and hyaluronic acid filler to elevate position. This skin helps you attain tighter lifted and younger skin. Most of all, this procedure takes just 30 to 45 minutes.

Before & After:

Once the procedure is done you may face redness, swelling or tenderness in the treated area but this is not the major concern as the ice pack can relieve these effects. Y lift do not have any downtime and you can resume your day to day routine immediately after the procedure. If, you are willing to attain that well defined facial features with ease and comfort, then Y-lift is the best procedure and Dr. Nhi Le is the most promising specialist in Texas.

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