Dr.Nhi Le Explains New Skin Care Trends During COVID-19

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Dr.Nhi Le Explains New Skin Care Trends During COVID-19

Skin care trend in covid-19

Due to high interest in trying beneficial injectables for the treatment for skin health here’s how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing people’s approach towards skincare, especially mask acne. According to Dr.Nhi Le (Internal Medicine – Physician who treats acne, is trained at Harvard’s in aesthetic lasers. and certified in many cosmetic dermatological procedures), most of the patients are requesting injectables, laser hair removal and various treatments for acne caused by using face masks frequently.

When Covid- 19 cases started to spread rapidly all the dermatology centers were instructed to be closed. During this pandemic, Dr. Nhi Le offered telemedicine services for people seeking help. Some people with skin concerns like acne, a rash, or a worrisome mole connected with her through the concept of telemedicine and got benefitted.

Although through a recent study it was found that the baseline level f dermatology treatments have been affected due to pandemic but still, there are many people insisting to visit for treatments like Botox and others. But now the question arises Should you go for the skin check-up?


Also, make sure that you wear a mask in public areas and remove it only during your session (if required). The Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) suggest that even if you do or don’t have Covid-19 symptoms always analyze the weightage of cons against pros.

If, you are still convinced to visit the dermatologist then here are the skin care trends that board certified dermatologist Dr. Nhi Le is seeing during this pandemic.

Botox: as your face is mostly covered because of the mask so people are more conscious about botox treatments. Whether you opt to it for the eye area, forehead, or crow’s feet area it is advised to wear a mask even during the session. Some people feel that wearing a mask may lead to swelling or give them an artificial look. Besides, if you keep that particular area in movement with or without a mask then no such issue will arise.

TeleMedicine is a boon: If you are suffering from skin problems like scars, acne, or some other related concerns then Dr. Nhi Le suggests adopting the method of telemedicine. Here she will offer consultation with medicine prescription without visiting her in the clinic.

Mask acne or maskne: According to Dr. Le when you wear mask for longer time then there come some favorable conditions for bacteria. This further result in acne. In this case she suggests to buy breathable and light mask so that you can avoid excessive moisture inside the mask.

Increase in lip filler session: Lip filling is a process that involves downtime of 24 to 48 hours. Some of the patients may face swellings on lips so, they find it right time to go for the treatment as your mask can cover the swollen area post treatment.

High demand for laser hair treatment on face area: laser hair removal damages hair follicle but it requires a series of treatment. In this case, your skin of that particular area gets more sensitive to the sun. this is the reason why people are opting for laser hair removal around lips and chin as they keep it covered by mask these days.

Radiofrequency Micro-needling: it is the mindset of people across the globe that this is the right time to undergo any treatment having downtime. The same is in the case of micro-needling. According to Dr.Nhi le radiofrequency heat promotes collagen production and micro-needling causes minor damage to the skin due to fine needling which further leads to enhance collagen production. This therapy combines both. But the result will be worth it. As a result, everything from texture to pores, wrinkles, scarring, discoloration, and uneven skin tone are asked to be treated by this process. Moreover, it is safe for all skin types.

Skin cancer screening: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends annual screening for those having a normal risk of skin cancer. Due to this pandemic situation, many of the patients have skipped their long-awaited appointments but it is advised to get it done even in this situation. It is proved that skin cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed early. Apparently, there are people that are coming forward to get the skin cancer screening done in the pandemic as well. Dr. Nhi Le suggests to be aware and get your appointment by following all safety protocols of Covid-19.

If you’re interested any beauty or skin treatment, consult with our expert professional and get the best assistance. Call us on (361) 576-9100 to book an appointment.

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