Get Rid of Aged Skin and Wrinkles with Dr. Nhi Le’s Liquid Face & Neck Lift Procedure

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Get Rid of Aged Skin and Wrinkles with Dr. Nhi Le’s Liquid Face & Neck Lift Procedure

Do you have wrinkles on face? Does it make you look older than your actual age? Well! You should know about liquid face and neck lift then. It is a non-surgical method to give you a wrinkle free and plum face with perfect neck that is equally supple. Liquid face and neck lift are elusive than any other dermatological lifting procedure. It does not involve any cuts, wounds, sagging or pain in the treated area. The procedure involves injection of dermal fillers into the skin that makes it covetable than before. It reduces sagging and wrinkles on the skin and ensures to get you skin elasticity at ease. It can also plum up your lips, fills up the cheeks and hollow neck area with wrinkles, covers the areas under your eyes that are responsible to make you look tired or aged before time. Moreover, you can attain flaunting look by filling up your cheeks with reducing scars on the face. The liquid face and neck lift is effective for tightening the wrinkles around your lips, eyes, forehead and on the neck.

If, you are at initial stage of skin sagging and wrinkles then you should certainly opt for liquid face and neck lift. The duration and cost of liquid facelift or neck lift depends on your location, number of injections use for your face lift, and filler that is used during the procedure that can be Botox, Juvéderm or others. Most of all, the fees of specialist carrying the procedure may vary. The cost of treatment varies between the procedure by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. If you are looking for the procedure in Texas then Dr. Nhi Le’s clinic is the right place for most promising results at highly competent prices. The procedure takes only a day for neck and facelift. In fact, you can resume your work immediately after the procedure as there is no downtime post facelift session.

As you age the connective tissues like collagen and elastin starts to break. These fillers fill up the space under your skin to make it look plump and reverse the skin aging. Once you visit Dr. Nhi Le, she will examine your skin and talk about your expectation. Accordingly, the injections and fillers will be planned. During the treatment the local anaesthetic will be provided to numb the treatment area of skin. Then the injections are given on affected area of face. Each injection takes few minutes for filling and complete session may take 15 to 30 minutes depending upon your facial requirement. To give you the perfect face lift effect you can be suggested to target many areas like the temples, jowls, folds between nose and mouth, under the eyes, near eyebrows, cheeks, neck and around the scars.

Botox Before & After:

botox before and after

There are many ways to lift the face and neck but liquid fillers are most convenient, less time taking and exclusively non-surgical. Most of all, Dr. Nhi Le is an expert of the procedure and serving for more than two decades. So, for assured results and quality treatment in Texas she will be the best dermatologist to go for. Don’t wait and book your appointment today. Call us on (361) 576-9100

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