Impact Of Sugar on Our Body- Both Sides of the Coin

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Impact Of Sugar on Our Body- Both Sides of the Coin

Sugar is an awesome treat for our taste buds. Any occasion, celebration or festival is incomplete without sweets and, sugar added & delighted servings. You must have been eating sugary food for years but do you know this sweet sugar has a bitter side too? Yes, you got it right. At one place sugar is the best treat for your tongue at the same time it may have a negative impact on your physical and mental health, if, consumed excessively.

It’s true that everybody cell needs energy and they get it from glucose in the body. Besides, overindulgence or week metabolism may result in type II diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, nutrient depletion from the body, brain disorder, cancer, and inflammatory disorders. There are many more conditions that one may face if, he consumes more than the required amount of sugar in a daily diet.

Most importantly, if you consume chemical sweetener then seizure, hair loss, migraine and attention deficit are some of the prominent side effects. When you eat sugary food, obviously your brain, gut and taste buds notice it and feel rewarded. But it is as addictive as alcohol or nicotine. When you eat more sugar the body certainly wants or craves more of it. This is why many people suggest consuming any sweetener in moderation. People with the habit of taking a high level of sweeteners in their daily regimen may face tremendous health issues. To avoid chemical sweeteners and control the craving there is an herb available in India. Gymnema Sylvester is the herb has a long and varied medical history in India. It is used for various purposes.

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  • Stimulation of the circulatory system
  • Laxative
  • Diuretic
  • An apt anti-inflammatory
  • Perfect weight loss aid

The aforementioned is some of the major features served y this herb. There are many other uses of the herb. In fact, a medicine called Gymnema from MediHerb is a complex combination of gymnemic acids and other compounds to serve you the best and desired results against related ailments. Ingestion of raw herb is difficult so this medicine is available in tablet form for easy intake. This product contains 100 mg of gymnamic acid per tablet. This quantity ensures the optimal strength and quality of the product. This blend of Gymnema herb and other substances works together and proffers assured results against sweet cravings, absorption of sugar in the body, sweet taste sensation. Moreover, if the product is combined with a balanced diet it will also help you to maintain normal sugar level in the body. Basically, first of all, one should be cautious while consuming too much sugary food as the excess of anything is bad. However, if the damage is already done then we have the aforementioned solution for you. Try and get benefitted to stay healthy.

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