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MCTs & Hormone’s Key Role In Weight Management

Today in the age of hustle and bustle we go through a lot of physical and mental stress. Sometimes to keep ourselves fit we make extra efforts in the form of gym, aerobics and many other physical activities. Some of us believe that eating healthy and regular exercise can keep us fit. Besides, it is not the complete truth. The fact is that hormones are equally responsible for weight management.

Hormonal disturbance can lead to excessive weight!

Yes, it is true that hormonal imbalance can directly impact your weight. There are four main hormones that can adversely impact your weight management. Cortical, estrogen, insulin and thyroid are key hormones that can lead you to put on extra weight even when you have a mentally disturbed or stressful lifestyle.

How to control hormonal weight?

Well! Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is the answer to your query.  It is a fat burning and metabolism reviving thing that can help you to attain the desired weight. MCT is an easily digestible and saturated fat that is available in abundance in coconut oil. Some of MCT enthusiasts claim to regain energy levels, lose weight and absolute athletic performance. In fact, some studies say that it also enhances brain function. Although recent research is promising there are still some facts required to validate the growing interest in MCTs and MCT oil.

In addition to MCTs there are some other ways to eradicate excessive fat or weight due to hormonal imbalance:

  • Choose glass over plastic food storage to limit exposure to environmental estrogen
  • Some relaxing techniques like meditation and yoga can help along proper intake of MCT
  • Use products free from hormones disrupting chemicals
  • Ingest a sufficient amount of high-quality protein  
  • Be aware of your stress triggers and avoid them
  • Limit your sugar intake and refined carbohydrates
  • Use organic fruits and vegetables
  • Take seven to nine hours of sufficient quality sleep
  • Don’t forget to include moderate workout

Basically, a sufficient amount of sleep, adequate workout followed by MCTs intake can help you attain the desired result within some time. Combining hormonal balancing food with a stress-free lifestyle is the perfect hack for weight management. What all you need is little awareness and an expert guide. There is ample of information online, in fact, you can get hormones balancing supplements through portals. Besides, it is required to ensure that you are purchasing a worthy product. For confirmation about the quality and originality of the product, you can check online reviews and ratings for such supplements. Basically, once you have decided to obtain perfect weight then there are enormous ways to stay healthy and fit. 

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