MINT™ PDO Thread Lift Can Do Wonders to Saggy Skin

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MINT™ PDO Thread Lift Can Do Wonders to Saggy Skin

No one likes saggy skin with fine lines or wrinkles and yes, we all make efforts to reverse the age impact on skin. People try many cosmetic treatments across the globe that are either expensive or invasive. Besides, if you are willing to opt for an effective, minimally invasive and long-lasting procedure then MINT™ PDO Thread is the one for you. As the name suggests MINT stands for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread. This procedure is generally opted for facial and neck skin but suitable for entire body. Earlier the thread lifting was done with permanent threads that made the skin look two dimensional and it could only be pulled in one direction. Whereas, PDO thread are FDA approved dissolvable and much stronger than other threads.

How MINT™ PDO Works?

In this process the thread is inserted under the skin layer to instantly lift the sagging skin. It is an in-office procedure with minimum downtime. Basically, some needles are inserted to direct the thread in the skin. There are certain requirements for a candidate to undergo this treatment. The first and foremost thing is your skin thickness. The skin layer should not be too thin or thick. This makes the Mint PDO procedure convenient for both professional and candidate.

Commonly asked results in MINT™ PDO Process:

Higher cheek bone contour, cat eye contour, defined jaw line, softer eyebrows and smile lines are some common demands in this process. When it comes to neck skin people generally prefers smoother necklines. Although, you can take the treatment for entire body but it is generally preferred on face and neck as they are prominently visible. The procedure gives you flawlessly rejuvenated skin. The only condition is that you undergo this process with a specialised surgeon or we can say professional.

Why You Should Go for MINT™ PDO at Fountain of Youth Med Spa?

At Fountain of Youth Medical Spa, Under the supervision of Dr. Nhi Le, MD, We perform Mint PDO Thread in Victoria, Texas. It is far safer then old methods with lower risk of infection. The downtime is negligible in this method and the process is non-surgical. There is very less chance of breakage in long run. The best thing about PDO MINT thread is that, it also enables the skin stimulates collagen production. This in turn makes skin rejuvenated and renewed.

Most of all the procedure gives your skin three dimension look as the thread can be lifted in two sides. Old threads used to give your skin two dimensional and artificial look but, now you can look naturally vibrant without letting others know about the treatment. Undoubtedly, the old methods of dermatology were not bad but thread lift procedure is opted over them due to instant results.

If, you do not want to spend days or hours in recovery. Or you are not willing to face longer downtime then this MINT™ PDO thread lift is the best alternate with promising results. You can resume your daily lifestyle instantly as the treatment does not involve cuts and incision. So, make a wise decision to get the natural looking younger skin and reverse the age effects with MINT™ PDO thread lift procedure today.

Call (361) 576-9100 for book you MINT™ PDO thread lift session at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa, Victoria!

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