What Is Non-surgical Neck Wrinkle Removal?

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What Is Non-surgical Neck Wrinkle Removal?

Neck wrinkle is the major symptom of an aging process which is a result of sagging skin and muscles around the neck area. When aging process is severely advanced, the jawline becomes less defined as sagging fat tissues accumulate under the chin. Even at young age, neck wrinkles may appear due to incorrect habits or excessive sunlight. Surprisingly many people underestimate the importance of neck skin age, but the neck skin is as important as the face skin as it represents the age as much as the face skin does. If you have not started to take care of the neck skin, it is never late to start now. Dr Nhi Le provides 1:1 customized treatment depending on the severity.

Doctor’s Message

Aging is an inevitable process that everyone experiences. Once the aging process starts, the tissues underneath the skin start severely maturing and sagging. The tissue collection that creates the skin becomes loose losing the elasticity and causes wrinkles in the face and neck. Although the non-surgical wrinkle treatments (filler, laser, etc) help improves in the early stage of the aging process, Thread Necklift is the key to successfully improve the moderate aging process.

This procedure makes you go back 5 years ago in the most natural way such that it does not involve any foreign implant in the body. If you are concerned about fine wrinkles more than severe sagging skin, then the Face Lifting Laser and VIP Cocktail Injection are the keys to achieving an anti-aging appearance.

Operation Information

  • Procedure Time:     1-2 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type:     Local Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization:     NONE   
  • Recovery Time:     1 Week

Level 01  Face Lifting Laser or RF microneedling

Neck skin and muscles lose the elasticity causing fine wrinkles.

Level 02  VIP Cocktail Injection (filler, neurotoxin, kybella)

Neck skin and muscles lose the elasticity causing fine wrinkles and lateral wrinkles.

Level 03  Thread Necklift

Moderate aging process has developed causing a double chin due to excess skin and fat tissues.

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